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2019-05-20 06:13:53 Peter Jonsson (peterjo)
Luffarna-Turkey match
# 216
Our opponents did not show up at 19 00 19 May.

Peter Jonsson, Captain luffarna
2012-06-17 10:17:23 Piotr Małowiejski (angst)
Dark Team - Sin Nombre +/-
# 207

I regret to inform you that only Stefan from Sin Nombre appeared in the agreed (admin) date.

Thank you for nice season all players and organizers!

Best regards,

2012-04-01 18:40:13 Gergő Tóth (gb_vessago)
The luckers - The Fragments
# 195
I'm sorry to announce but the match Luckers - Fragments was not played, because Luckers did not show up in any agreed dates.

The luckers - The Fragments -/+
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