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1. Euroleague

1.1. Euroleague (EL) is a competition in gomoku and renju. EL is open for everyone.

1.2. EL is divided into two parts – Renju Euroleague (REL) and Gomoku Euroleague (GEL).

1.3. EL is based on fair play and good behavior of players.


2. About teams

2.1. EL is a team competition.

2.2. A team consists of a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 7 players at the beginning of every season of REL. A team can be international. If there is just one player in a team after the beginning of REL season, such team is automatically disqualified for the rest of the REL season.

2.3. Each team has 1 captain. The captain is in charge of the team (behavior, fair play, proposal of match dates etc.)

2.4. The captain chooses a name for the team.

2.5. To participate in REL, it is necessary to register in the site All players have to provide real name, e-mail and nickname to be used in the matches of REL.

2.6. The nick can not be changed if a player is member of any team. Player has to play all REL matches during one season with the same nick, even if he/she changes the team.


3. System of REL

3.1. REL is played in 1 group.

3.2. The swiss system will be used for playing in REL. If there are less than 8 teams participating then Round Robin system can be used.

3.3. The winner of REL is a team with the highest sum of points. In the case two or more teams have the equal sum of points, the order will be decided according to the second criterias (median-bucholz, bucholz, berger, progress). In the case where the Round Robin system is used, the game points will be the second criteria.


4. System of playing

4.1. REL is played in 6 or 7 rounds depending on number of teams.

4.2. REL starts in January. The Committee can change the starting date depending on circumstances and will inform about it on REL site as soon as possible.

4.3. One round lasts 21 days. Every round starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday at 24:00 PRAGUE TIME. There can be some exceptions according to the Committee’s decision.

4.4. The place of playing (playing site) is 


5. System of a match

5.1. All teams play one match in every round. If total number of teams is odd, in each round one of the teams gets a free point (BYE).

5.2. A team match between two teams is played with two, three or four players of each team.

5.3. A team match consists of individual matches. In every individual match 2 players meet each other and they play 2 games where they start one game each.

5.4. All games are played using the Soosorv-8 rule.

Soosorv-8 rule:
The player who begins has to play one of the 26 renju openings (see RIF). The second player has the right to swap. Player with white stones/signs plays 4th move and decides the number of fifth moves (must be between 1 and 8). The second player has the right to swap. Player with black suggests number of unsymmetrical fifth moves. White chooses one, plays sixth move and the game continues normally.
For black only exactly 5 stones in a row wins (diagonally, horizontally, vertically), more than 5 loses. Moves where black forms two open threes or two fours are also losing for black. For white 5 or more stones in a row wins.

5.5. The time limit for a game is 10 minutes + 5 sec/move for each player. Game settings: Game time: 10; Fischer: 5; Game type: Renju - Soosorv-8; Rated: YES; Undo: NO; Private table: NO.

5.6. It is possible to change players during a match. The substitutions must be made by the captain and can not be made during an individual match. It is allowed to make maximum two substitutions during one team match. An alternate player has to follow the pairing of a changed player definitely. Reverse substitution is allowed. I In such case previously substituted player has to substitute his own alternate player. Such substitution is counted as 2nd one. The captains of teams are responsible for the correctness of substitutions. Each game played by incorrectly substituted player will be counted as walkover.

5.7. A player gains 1 game point for each won game (also by walkover), 0,5 game points for each drawn game and 0 points for each lost game.

5.8. A team wins the match if its players gain at least 16,5 game points, then it is awarded with 1 tournament point. A team which players gain exactly 16 game points, gets 0,5 tournament points. A team which players gain less than 16 game points, gets 0 tournament points. If both teams get less than 16 game points (e.g. in case of playing 3 vs 3 players and in other cases), both teams get 0 tournament points.


6. The date of match – “3 days rule“

6.1. The date of a team match is decided by both captains. They must agree a date to play their match during the 3 week period available for each round, or other period, as stipulated in point 4.3.

6.2. The teams create an offer about date and time to play:

6.2.1. The teams create an offer about date and time to play in first seven days (until first Sunday at 24:00 PRAGUE TIME) of the round. It does not matter which team offers as the first.

6.2.2. If no team creates an offer in first seven days of the round, then the first offer created from 8th day (from Monday at 00:01 PRAGUE TIME) is automatically accepted.

6.2.3. If no team creates any offer in first 14 days of the round (until second Sunday of the round at 24:00 PRAGUE TIME), then the teams have to play in ADMIN date.

6.3. All offers must be written in PRAGUE TIME format, in seasons played at site where the match will be played.

6.4. The offered date can not be earlier than 72 hours from the date when the offer is created.

6.5. The 2nd team has to accept or decline. If the 2nd team does not respond in 3 days (72 hours) the offer is considered accepted.

6.6. If the 2nd team declines in 3 days, it has to propose another offer, without such offer the declination is not valid and the offer is considered accepted, unless the 2nd team submits another declination that would be valid.

6.7. It is not possible to propose any offer after last Thursday of the round (72 hours before of the end of the round). It is possible to accept the offer which has been proposed, but just during last Friday. It is not possible to accept or decline any offer during last Saturday and Sunday. If such offer is not accepted during last Friday of the round at the latest, then the teams have to play in ADMIN date.

6.8. If one team needs to withdraw for some reason, a withdrawal offer can be made. For a withdrawal offer to be valid, the end of the round and the previously accepted date must not be closer than 3 days (72 hours) and a new match date offer must be created. The 2nd team can accept or decline the withdrawal using the same rules as stipulated in the points above.

6.9. In case the teams do not agree about match date, the default match date (ADMIN date) is the last Sunday of the round however the exact time depends on group assignment the time zones of the teams. At the beginning of a new REL season The Committee divides the teams into groups according to their assumed time zones. There are three groups with starting times to be used as admin date: 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00 PRAGUE TIME respectively. The captains have the right to change their group allocation during the 1st round, until the 2nd Sunday, 24:00, PRAGUE TIME. The captains can request such a change during the whole REL season, in case of reasonable circumstances (eg. new players from different time zones joined the team). The Committee will decide about such requests. ADMIN date of a particular match is defined as the earlier from group starting times of both teams.

6.10. The place for the agreement of the match date is the application “Match date” on the website of REL, where the captains have to submit their offers.

6.11. Both captains have the right to agree match date in a different way than stipulated in the points 6.4., 6.7. and 6.8., however such an agreement will be considered valid only in case that both captains will confirm it on REL forum in an “Euroleague - dates” section.


7. Beginning and course of team match

7.1. The team match must start no later than 15 minutes after the agreed time (20 minutes in case of ADMIN date), unless both captains agree to start later.

7.2. The captain of the first team (listed on the left in the ”Current round” section) shall prepare the pairings during the whole match. It is allowed to delegate this duty to the captain of the 2nd team or to the 3rd person, if both captains accept this. All necessary communication shall be done between team captains in every available way (eg. private message or using table chat).

7.3. The maximum time of waiting for a missing player(s) in the 1st round is 15 minutes. After that time the match should start and the team with a missing player will lose game points in games that the missing player was supposed to play.

7.4. If a team has only 2 or 3 players at the beginning of the match, it is allowed to play and to add the third and/or fourth player during the whole match, but not during an individual match. If a team has less than 2 players at the beginning of the match, this team is not allowed to play and loses the match by walkover. The captain of team what is able to play then writes to the forum "Euroleague - results" that his team won the match by walkover.

7.5. All games of missing player are counted as walkovers.

7.6. If both teams do not appear at the agreed time (agreed time includes also ADMIN date), the result will be -/- (walkover) and both will get 0 points in the tournament table.

7.7. If the playing site does not work at the time of agreed match beginning, the teams have to wait 30 minutes and (if the playing site is still not working):

7.7.1. If 9 or more days of the round remain, both teams have to find another date for their match using “3 days rule“.

7.7.2. If less than 9 days to the end round remain, both teams can play their match during the current round or committee will prolong the round by one week. If the teams don’t agree on a new date in the new week, they have to play on the Admin date of the new week.

7.8. If the playing site does not work and some games of the match have been played and some players can not continue their match, the following solutions are valid:

7.8.1. If both teams gained less than 16,5 and 9 or more days of the round remain, both teams have to find another date for their match using “3 days rule“.

7.8.2. If any team gained less than 16,5 and less than 9 days to the end round remain, both teams can play their match during the current round or committee will prolong the round by one week. If teams don’t find new date in the new week, they have to play on the Admin date of the new week. 7.8.3. If a team gained more than 16,5 points, the result of the match is considered a victory for the leading team.


8. Move of players

8.1. A player can join chosen team anytime. A captain can accept new player during every round, however only after his team's match is finished in the current round. A new player has right to play in the next round if a captain confirms him/her till the last Sunday at 24:00, PRAGUE TIME in the current round.

8.2. Every player can change a team only once during the whole REL season.

8.3. The captain can release a player anytime.


9. The duties of captains

9.1. The captain is in charge of the team.

9.2. If a captain fails to do his/her duties he/she has to transfer them to another player of the team.

9.3. The captain proposes match dates and has to confirm proposals on the site of REL.

9.4. The captain is responsible for all matters related to the match date agreement.

9.5. The captain of the 1st team (listed on the left in the ”Current round” section) has to fill in the results of the match in the “Match result” section of the REL website. The captain of the 2nd team is obliged to approve or to correct the results. It is allowed to fulfill this duty in the reverse order.


10. Fair play – general

10.1. For all fair play matters, the REL Committee has been established. The Committee has 5 members.

10.2. The Committee is main authority of REL and can decide in serious cases, not only fair play problems, but especially also REL Rules modifications and interpretations.

10.3. The Committee decides if at least 3 members of the Committee vote. The decision is valid if more than 50% of voting members vote in the same way. If 4 members vote and result is 2:2, the vote of Organizer is decisive. If he does not vote, the vote of his substitute is decisive. There is special way of voting in case of fair play decisions and punishments, as stipulated in the point 13.1.

10.4. Players shall behave politely: NO rude words, NO swearing, NO making fun of the opponents and the teams anywhere.


11. Fair play – during match

11.1. It is forbidden to speak in rooms during REL games at the table, except players playing their game at the moment, captains of playing teams, members of the Committee. They should only speak in reasonable cases.

11.2. No comments about the games are allowed until the game is over. Especially comments regarding moves and time are forbidden.

11.3. As far as possible, players must avoid any actions causing their nickname color change to gray.

11.4. Players are not allowed to use any renju or gomoku books, databases, magazines, articles or any other passive or active forms of renju or gomoku material during games.

11.5. During games players are not allowed to ask anyone for help or analyze their games together with other people.

11.6. It is the concern and responsibility of the team captain to manage team members and lead them to fair behaviour.

11.7. A player from the third team, who is observer only, and breaks the rules, can be punished as well.


12. Fair play – accusation

12.1. If anyone suspects that a player uses a program, this accusing person must send a *.lib library (from the program RENLIB) with the game together with the name of the program that is supposed to be used to the Committee. Only games from REL should be submitted.

12.2. The accusing person must present at least 4 games, in which the player is supposed to use the program.

12.3. The accusing person must write which moves were changed (if there were any changes) and must show until which move the player could play with a program.

12.4. The Committee will check given *.lib library and make a decision.

12.5. The Committee can analyze other games too.

12.6. If points 12.1.-12.3. are not followed, the Committee has the right to refuse the accusation.


13. Fair play – decisions and punishments

13.1. If the Committee decides that a player / the team has broken fair play rules, the player / the team will gain some penalty points according to the Attachment no 1 to this REL Rules - “Penalty system”. The Committee reserves the right to change the “Penalty system” even during the REL season, however updated “Penalty system” becomes valid from the following round after the round it was published.

13.2. The Committee has to decide about the punishment not later than 7 days after the end of the particular round. If the Committee does not decide, the Organizer of REL has the right to decide.


14. Disqualification from REL

14.1. A team is automatically disqualified from the competition after 3 walkovers.

14.2. The Committee can also disqualify a team according to the rules in section 13.


15. General

15.1. The Organizers of REL are allowed to change the REL Rules or make exceptions to the rules, if a situation requires this. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances.


Attachment No. 1 to the REL Rules

Penalty system


1. The penalty system is created for clear punishment in the cases of breaking the REL Rules.

2. Each team and each player can receive the penalty points (PP).

3. It is defined how many points are needed for receiving of the punishments.

4. If a players/team is punished, the PP needed for the punishments are deleted.

5. If a player/team has more PP than are needed for the punishment, these residual PP are not deleted.

6. The PP of players and the PP of teams are counted separately.

7. The PP are deleted in the end of the particular season.

8. The sum of PP can be changed according to the decision of the Committee.

9. If a team collects 30 (or more) PP, this team is not allowed to play in the coming round and receives one walkover.

10. If a player collects 15 (or more) PP, the player is not allowed to play in the coming round.

11. If a player collects 15 (or more) PP for second time, the player is not allowed to play in the two coming rounds.

12. If players of one team collect 30 (or more) PP together, this team is not allowed to play in the coming round and receives one walkover.




Point of the rules

Breaking the rules

Penalty points


playing with 2 or 3 players the whole match

5  for one missing player, 10  for two missing players


wrong substitution

1  for every wrong played game


games lost by walkovers (-/+)

1  for every game


captain doesn't propose match date or doesn't confirm it



captain doesn't follow the rules



captain doesn't fill in the result or doesn't approve it



Point of the rules

Breaking the rules

Penalty points


fake name

-/+ in each game played


wrong nickname



bad behaviour

5 - 10


talking at the table



talk about moves and times



gray nick

1 - 15  and/or -/+


using forbidden help

5 - 10 and/or -/+


using a program

5 - 15  and -/+

If a team and all its players don't get any pp in the next 3 real rounds (not walkover or 'bye'), their penalty points will be reduced by 2 penalty points for every next round.


2nd round: 15 PP

3rd, 4th, 5th round: 0 PP --> 13 PP

6th round : 0 pp --> 11 PP)